Tuesday, March 11, 2008

a trip to the mall

I just got back from the mall:) I went with my mom and dad, we ate at the food court, and then drum roll please....... we went inside a store!!!AHHH-MAZING!!lol. Well actually the store we went to was limited too, which is my favorite store!! I got some really cute clothes. And after we went there we went to my other favorite store sees candies!!yummmm! My favorite candy from there is the butterscotch squares:) mmm there soo good! And if you haven't already tried it, next time you go to sees you have to get one!!!!


Hannah said...

Okay I will thanks for the recommendation. I love limited too but its SOOO expensive I wait for coupons and sales.

Sierra said...

Yea the clothes we got were off the clearance rack:)

Stephanie said...

i love chocolate too, not limited too...but i bet you look cute in your limited too.


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