Saturday, April 26, 2008

Reeses peanut-butter sundae...

Yesterday I went to Baskin Robins with my mom and my sister, and I got, yup you guessed it! The peanut butter sundae. It was WONDERFUL! The hot fudge was so good, and the warm peanut butter drizzle was amazing! And ofcourse the ice cream was also very very good:). But ofcourse, every good thing has it's price, on the way home my stomic started hurting. And yes I got sick! The taste was amazing but it didn' t make me feel good at all, when I was done. It was probably too much sugar or fat, or something un-healthy. So next time you go to Baskin Robins, make sure you stay away from the reeses sundae, unless ofcourse you don't mind getting sick:).

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I GOT MY HAIRCUT!!!! HURRAY!!! I finally got my hair cut on
Monday! It's alot shorter than it was, but I absolutely love it!
The lady who cut it did such a great job, she layered it and
made it look really good! Here is a picture before I got my hair
cut and after! (and yes I know I'm making a weird face in the
after picture^_^). Oh and sorry the before picture is sideways.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Madame Blueberry

In my very first blog, I ranted about having to write a five paragraph essay on Madame Blueberry, well here it is, all edited and fixed. I hope you like it, but you don't have to read the whole thing.Oh yeah! And just ignore all the numbers and underlines and italics and stuff:).
Madame Blueberry
By Sierra Thompson
Thursday March 13, 2008

(1) Madame Blueberry is an original Veggie Tales film, which was released in July of 1998 by Big Idea Productions Inc. (3) Surprisingly this tenth Veggie Tales video is actually a parody of the novel Madame Bovary. (5) Although Madame Blueberry was created and directed by Phil Vischer and Mike Nawroki, the two very talented men also sang, were the voices of Bob and Larry, and wrote the words for the songs in the movie. (4) Teaching kids to be grateful for what they have, Madame Blueberry is a very morally educational movie. (D) (2) Despite the movie being only 30 minutes long, the writers still managed to insert a lot of useful lessons into this animated film for the whole family to pleasantly positively perfectly enjoy.

(1)Madame Blueberry begins like all other classic Veggie Tales movies, with Bob, a reasonable tomato, and Larry, a corky cucumber hosting a show. (5) When it goes into the story, Madame Blueberry is depressed and crying because she thinks she does not have enough stuff. (4)Feeling sorry for Madame Blueberry, Bob and Larry also known as her butlers in the movie, try to cheer her up. (T) (1)Madame Blueberry complains about her neighbors stuff, complains about the stuff that she has, and complains about the stuff that she “needs” to her politely listening butlers. (D) (1) Depressed, desperate, determined, Madame Blueberry starts to think all hope is lost when unexpected visitors arrive at the door. (7) Surprised that someone has come, Madame Blueberry’s expression suddenly changes.

(1) Madame Blueberry and her butlers look confused and curious when the dressed- up scallions enter. (4) Rapping to a catchy tune that children greatly enjoy, the scallions, also known as Stuff Mart Representatives, succeed in persuading Madame Blueberry to purchase their merchandise. (2) On her way to the Stuff Mart, Madame Blueberry notices a young girl who has only one piece of pie on her birthday, this makes her think for a while, but then she carelessly continues to where she was heading. (T) (5) When she reaches Stuff Mart, a very huge store, Madame Blueberry is overwhelmed, amazed, and excited. (3) (D) Instantly Madame Blueberry starts filling up her carts like there’s no tomorrow. (5) Although she buys everything in the store, Madame Blueberry is still not happy.

(1) Madame Blueberry is receiving her lunch when she sees a little boy asparagus who wants a train but is given a ball instead yet is still happy. (6) This made Madame Blueberry think. (D) (6) She is interested. (6) She is confused. (6) She is puzzled. (2) After she thinks for a while, the expression on Madame Blueberry’s face changes once she understands and realizes that she does not need stuff to make her happy. (7) Relieved that she now knows what she needs to make her happy, which is a thankful heart, Madame Blueberry and her butlers join the young girl with the pie, and have a tiny celebration of their own. (3) Clearly Madame Blueberry now realizes all of the people or vegetables who care about are her greatest gift of all. (2) After the story, Bob and Larry finish up with of verse from “Qwerty” the computer, and tell the message of the story- “being greedy makes you grumpy, but a thankful heart is a happy heart”.

(1) Madame Blueberry is clearly a children’s movie, partially because of the simple songs and easy-to-understand dialogue. (7) Filled with songs and even a “rap”, this entertaining movie will grasp your attention almost instantly. (2) Aside from the movie being for children, the moral of the story is bound to affect more than children in one way or another.(5) While the movie is about not being greedy, it also teaches people that there could always be someone going through something that’s worse than what you’re going through. (3) Morally, Madame Blueberry is a great movie, filled with lessons.


(p.s. these are all pictures i took yesterday, i don't know why the date says 2007)

You know it's spring when:

The temperature is above 80.
The flowers are all in bloom.
There are fans and squirt bottles scattered throughout the house.
All the tank-tops that were at the bottom of you drawer are now at the top.
And your dog is lying on top of the air conditioning vent.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by Hannah! So I'm supposed to do an acrostic with my middle name. Here it is!


Animal lover





Now I tag: James & T.J.! Do the same thing on your blog when you read this!

A fun quiz!

This is a quiz I got off of Hannah's blogspot it's really fun!

I am Marianne Dashwood!

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These are some pictures my sister(aubrey) took of my friends and I last night "flying"!! And yes I know our faces look...well... lets go with "interesting"lol.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

a mystery solved, another opened

Well I was telling Jessica (my sister) the story about how my blankets went missing, and then all of a sudden Aubrey (my other sister) who was at the bottom of the stairs (Jessica and I were at the top), says "your blankets are in my room!" and I was like WHAT!?!?! And she was like yeah, I woke up this morning and your blankets were at the side of my bed, so I was like (sorry there are so many likes) YOU STOLE MY BLANKETS!!!! And she was like no I didn't! I slept clear through the night! And I was like, well I didn't put them there! So now I have my blankets, but haave absolutely NO idea how they ended up in my sisters room.

I've decided...

I've decided to follow Jesus!! lol. just kidding, I decided that a long time ago:). I've decided to make another blog strictly for movie reviews. So I'll have more room to post about all the interesting things that go on in my life;) lol. So I think I'm going to make it right now! bye! And I'll be sure to make sure you ALL know the link to my other blog;)mwahaha!lol.

The dissapearing blankets!?

Last night I went to bed on top of my comforter so I had three blankets on top of me, a small one for my feet, a medium one for the rest of my body and a slightly bigger one to go on top. Well I woke up at about 6:00 or 7:00 and was FREEZING and relized that the small blanket was on my top half only covering about a foot of my body, (what about the other four?) so I figured they must've fallen off, I looked all around my bed, then all around my room, NO BLANKETS. So I went back to bed under my covers and figured I look for them when I get up. I got up at about 10:30, I looked around my room again, I looked in the hall, I looked in our guest/ living room upstairs, I basically looke EVERYWHERE upstairs, and NO BLANKETS!

Then I started thinking... why would someone come into my room and steal not all but just 2 of my blankets, and why leave the small one? So I thought maybe my mom came into say good- night and relized they were dirty so washed them, I asked my mom, and she said that she never touched my blankets! So now I am on the mystery: "WHERE THE HECK ARE MY BLANKETS!?!?!?!"

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Nim's Island...

Nim's Island was a entertaining movie, though I would have to agree with my mom: It wouldn't have been as good if it didn't have those great actors in it. Like Jodi Foster, she was wonderful in the movie and very very funny, and ofcourse Abigail Breslin is probably one of the best young female actresses ever! I find it amazing how she can display her emotion so clearly and how she can cry right there on the spot.

Nim's Island is also a childrens movie, it was also a little weird at parts but it was overall pretty good. Would I pay to go see it in theatres again, no probably not, would I rent it when it come out, maybe. It was a good movie, not outstanding, (although I thought Jodi Foster was), and not horrible. Just good:).

Friday, April 4, 2008


I seemed to have missed the memo that it's already APRIL!!!! I mean I knew that it was April 1st and all, but already!?!? It seems like yesterday we were celebrating New Years and now it's already APRIL!! And what I just relized as I was staring at my computer trying to think of what to say, is that Easter already happened, along with Valentines Day, April Fools Day, and my sisters birthday, wait no! TWO of my sisters birthdays!!!! This year seems to be flying by with me running as fast as I can to catch up with it. Just thought I'd let you all know, how I feel about it already being APRIL!!


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