Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I GOT MY HAIRCUT!!!! HURRAY!!! I finally got my hair cut on
Monday! It's alot shorter than it was, but I absolutely love it!
The lady who cut it did such a great job, she layered it and
made it look really good! Here is a picture before I got my hair
cut and after! (and yes I know I'm making a weird face in the
after picture^_^). Oh and sorry the before picture is sideways.


Hannah said...

Oh my gosh! You look so differn't! I love it! I didn't know your hair was that long. Your hair grows really fast!

Stephanie said...

I love it too. Even with the kissy face and gangster hand sign.

misha said...

Wow! Luv ur hair!!! lol!
Mind if I add a link to your blog on my blog?

Zinn said...

Snap, Crackle, POP!

Looks good!



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