Sunday, April 6, 2008

Nim's Island...

Nim's Island was a entertaining movie, though I would have to agree with my mom: It wouldn't have been as good if it didn't have those great actors in it. Like Jodi Foster, she was wonderful in the movie and very very funny, and ofcourse Abigail Breslin is probably one of the best young female actresses ever! I find it amazing how she can display her emotion so clearly and how she can cry right there on the spot.

Nim's Island is also a childrens movie, it was also a little weird at parts but it was overall pretty good. Would I pay to go see it in theatres again, no probably not, would I rent it when it come out, maybe. It was a good movie, not outstanding, (although I thought Jodi Foster was), and not horrible. Just good:).


Hannah said...

Sierra I like reading about movies but you should post about something else sometimes soon. Just a hint :). Cool maybe I'll watch it.

Zinn said...

Hey! Congrats on Gables! Hope all is well!

Stephanie said...

I love Jodie Foster. She is a great actress. I'll have to add this one to our Netflix list too.

Sierra said...

@ Hannah:Thanks Hannah! Yeah I know I need to post about something else besides movies, it's just we've been seeing alot of movies lately!lol.

@James:Thanks! But AoGG isn't quite over yet, we still have 2 more shows, on Thursday & Friday 9unfortunately,jk, I enjoy doing the shows they just get tyring (I don't think I spelled that right).

@Mrs. Iles: Yeah, after all the movies I've been posting about, your netflix lis will be full!


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