Wednesday, April 9, 2008

a mystery solved, another opened

Well I was telling Jessica (my sister) the story about how my blankets went missing, and then all of a sudden Aubrey (my other sister) who was at the bottom of the stairs (Jessica and I were at the top), says "your blankets are in my room!" and I was like WHAT!?!?! And she was like yeah, I woke up this morning and your blankets were at the side of my bed, so I was like (sorry there are so many likes) YOU STOLE MY BLANKETS!!!! And she was like no I didn't! I slept clear through the night! And I was like, well I didn't put them there! So now I have my blankets, but haave absolutely NO idea how they ended up in my sisters room.


misha said...

Woah! That's weird! Did you leave your window open? Maybe there was a draft and it blew your blankets into your sisters room??? lol

Hannah said...

No Sies I know what happened. You got up and sleepwalked and dragged your blankets into Aubreys room and went back to bed. I always thought Aubrey had a part in it :). Don't tell her I said that. Or she sleep walked and dragged them off you.

Stephanie said...

weird...maybe someone's trying to make you think you're going crazy


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