Thursday, August 7, 2008

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

today i saw sea lions, a killer whale, and dophins, do things that i could probably never do.
i got to pet a 6 foot long HUGE snake.
i walked through a tunnel with glass walls, surrounded with sharks and a sting ray.
i stood 4 inches of glass away from a 4,ooo pound walrus.
i almost got peed on by a white bangle tiger.
i stood 10 feet away from my all time favorite animal (a giraffe) and got to watch it eat.
i went in a room full of at least 50 different kinds of butterflies.
i won a small stuffed duck from playing a game.
i ate pizza and bread sticks, french fries, cotton candy, frozen lemonade, a churro, and ice cream, i'll be surprised if i haven't gained 10 pounds by tomorrow, haha.
i went on a water ride and got completely soaked from head to toe.
i got to see an elephant take a bath.
i took a picture with a rainbow colored parrot.
i went on 4 roller coasters and managed to keep my food down.
and i got 5 awesome souvenirs at the gift shop.
over all it was a pretty good day =)


Hannah said...

You lucky duck :) lol. Yeah I would say it was good except for the tiger (or whatever animal) thinking your a fire hydrant.


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