Sunday, August 24, 2008

what is normal?


1: being of the type that is encountered in the normal course of events .

2: having full use of one's mind and control over one's actions .

3: having or showing the qualities associated with the members of a particular group or kind.

I don't know about you, but being normal seems like a very boring thing to be. I believe that no one is "normal", the word itself doesn't even make any sense! Like, if you see a goth person walking around with a mohawk, lots of make-up, and odd clothing (no offence to goth people), you might think that person is abnormal, but how do we know that? That person could be perfectly normal and the rest of us are weird for not dressing like that! If anyone who reads this thinks they are "normal" please speak up, because I would really like to meet the one supposedly "normal" person in this world. =)


Stephanie said...

Wouldn't it be normal to be abnormal? That makes us all normal in our abnormality.

Hannah said...

I don't know thats a good point.

Zinn said...

Isn't philosophy awesome!

Zuzu said...

Yeah I totally agree. Normal is boring. I hate it when peole say they are "normal".


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