Saturday, December 13, 2008

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I think I'm going to delete this blog, because it takes too much work to put a review on all of the movies I've seen, just this week I saw like 5 movies I've never seen before. I'm too lazy to keep posting about movies I've seen and if they're good or bad, so I think I'm going to remove it, OR open it so other people can put their reviews. Except I don't know how to make it so more people can write on one blog......

Post Quote:

The difficulty of life is in the choice. -George Moore

I thought a quote about choices would fit this post, lol.


Stephanie said...

Here is how you make a blog with multiple authors...
1)at dashboard click Edit Posts
2)Click on the "Settings" tab
3)Click on "Permissions"
4)add authors by email name

Joy said...

You don't have to post all the movies you've seen. You could just do the ones that you either really liked or really hated if you want. It would make things easier because it would take a really long time to post everyone you've seen, like you said.

tj said...

I love you!!!!


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