Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sinus infection

Well my mom took me to the doctors and it turn out I have a sinus infection! Woohoo. So now I'm all hyped up on medication! I'm squirting Nasonex up my nose, drinking Robitussin (but trying not as often as I can, that stuff is awful) and swallowing some sort of blue and purple pill that I have no idea what it is, but it's doctor prescribed so it must work! lol. I don't feel any better yet, but hopefully it will start working soon. Mean while I've been learning how to play this song: on the piano, I can sing it to, but just not while I'm sick, it's a little hard to sing when your voice sounds like a frog choking. lol. So has anyone else done any of there Christmas shopping? 'Cause I haven't! Lol. I haven't even started looking for my family's presents yet. Well I guess that's it. Oh wait! I'm doing post quotes again! Ok let me get my book.........

Here are some quotes on difficult days:

This, too, shall pass. -William Shakespeare

Some days you want to tame the tiger. And
some days the tiger has you for lunch. -Tug McGraw

Pain is never permanent. -Saint Teresa of Avila

He that can't endure the bad will not
live to see the good. - Yiddish proverb

I put 4 to make up for all of the posts I missed =)


Fwit said...

aww, never had sinus infection, but judging from allergies, it must be pretty darn bad

Stephanie said...

Do you have to do the nasal rinse...I hate that.

Hannah said...

I'm sorry Sierra. But it seems you still have your sense of humor. A frog choking lol

Sarah said...

I'm sorry! It sounds awful (what you have)


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