Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I need a life...

OK! Lets get started! So some people do not like Disney because of this reason: It has a "thing" (sorry best word I can come up with) about parents, MOTHERS inparticular. Here are the facts (in random order):
Disney's Finding Nemo: Mother got eaten by a shark.
Disney's Peter Pan: Peter doesn't have a mother or a father, but they mention the mother inparticular.
Disney's Fox and the Hound: The fox's mother got shot.
Disney's Bambi: Bami's mom also got shot.
Disney's Ariel, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast and Pocohantis: Ariel, Belle Pocohantis and Jasmine don't even have a mother.
Disney's Cinderella: Father died. Had no mom. So she got stuck with an evil step mother.
Disney's Lilo and Stitch: Both of Lilo's parents died.
Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: Both Elizabeth's and Will's mothers died.
So this may be true or just an awful lot of coincidences I'll let you decide. But I still love disney no matter what they do to mothers. That sounds really bad. haha, oh well.
Quote of the day:
Kindess is in our power, even when fondess is not. -Samuel Johnson


Fwit said...

bambi's sweet and mutual and cute and all that, but...
why bother when twilight's around?
I AM!!!!!!!

Zuzu said...

I never noticed that! That's really interesting...

Hannah said...

that is soo true!

Fwit said...

you're like, the first homeschooler other than me i've asked that's read twilight

Stephanie said...

Well I just spent 10 days soaked in Disney. I also read Twilight while on vacation and am almost done with New Moon

Stephanie said...

Disney's 3D ride is Mickey's PhilharMagic and it was awesome!


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