Thursday, November 27, 2008

Washington DC

Here are some of the pictures I took from Washington DC!

John F. Kennedy's eternal flame
THE WHITE HOUSE!!!! The red arrow
is pointing to it, lol. We were on a tour trolley
so the picture isn't that good.

Over 320,000 graves.

The George Washington Monument

Jefferson Memorial
The Capitol building

This library holds every book in the entire
U.S. (I wonder if they have Twilight? lol)

This is a slightly better picture of
the same library.

Me and my sisters being, well
me and my sisters, lol.
from left to right: Me, Lindsay and Aubrey.
Jessica didn't come to Baltimore =(

Me and my mom =)
Another one of the Capitol building

Lincoln Memorial, I think... lol

The outside of the Washington train station.


Joy said...

Like I said we used to live close to Baltimore when I was six, and I still remember going to Washington D.C. and traveling around. I remember seeing a lot of the places you saw. Actually, we went and visited Maryland and D.C. about two years ago again too. Anyways, it was lots of fun.

Hannah said...

Those are neat! That is a really sweet picture of you and your mom.

Fwit said...

omg dey BETTER have had twilight...
and new moon...
and eclipse...
and breaking dawn...

Sarah said...

I Luv Washington D.C!It looked like you had tons of fun!When I went we had a tour of the capital building!It was really cool!

Stephanie said...

Awesome pics...looks like you had fun

Paris said...

Cute pics! Looks like you had fun!

Zuzu said...

We have been to DC before and it was fun! Nice pictures!!

Shilohmae said...

Cool trip! I just went to DC for my first time, so everything looks so familier... I love the lincoln mem. It was my favorite. Well, maybe the jefferson cuz it was on that lake. i can't decide =P


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