Tuesday, November 25, 2008


HI EVERYONE!!!! Thank you for all the wonderful comments! I had an awesome time in Baltimore! The plaine rides were blech, but there isn't much I can do about getting plaine sick. I met a gazilion of Lindsay's friends. They were all really nice. I'll have to make another post of all the people I met! Sorry I didn't take any pictures of them. Ok so here are a whole bundle of pics from Baltimore, Maryland!!!!!

This is our hotel bed-room
This is the living room of our hotel room

And this is our messy bath room, I'm standing
in the bath/shower taking this picture, lol.

And these were the millions of stairs we had
to walk up every day, ugh.
This is the inside of the train station in
Baltimore, I thought it was pretty =)
This is the ceiling of the same train station.
And this isthe outside of it, the building
is really pretty, but it's cover by that
huge weird man statue thingy.
And this is the picture of the church
we can see outside our hotel room
window and it's a picture of the SNOW!!!
The night before I prayed to God that it would snow,
because I have never seen snow fall before. And
the next morning I woke up and it was SNOWING!
YAY! God answered my prayer!! And the even cooler thing is,
is it wasn't even supposed to snow that day.

Ok so all of the rest of my pictures are from Washington D.C. but I'll post those later =)


valy said...

cool photos

Stephanie said...

The pictures are wonderful and I'm very glad God answered your prayer.

Fwit said...

aww, it never snowed when we were in D.C.
have fun!!!

Hannah said...

That is so neat that God answered your prayer about the snow. I've been praying it would rain :). That train station and church are super pretty!


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